Regional Travel to Europe


Europe, the continent, is a must-visit for its culinary adventure especially in the matter of food– but where do you begin? With such incredible diversity and destinations to choose from, Europe can be a little overwhelming. Depending on your budget and tastes, there are a number of dishes to try.

Europe has perfect climates for ingredients to grow and is known for its art form. Every country in Europe has Michelin-starred restaurants and chefs which not only serves street food but also has fine dining. The taste can vary from traditional cuisine to fabulous local bite. With so much vastness, let us check out what Germany has to offer, it’s popular regional foods and where to get them.

Germany is not a famous foodie spot but has a hidden gem when it comes to traditional food. Its food has a traditional taste with pickling and salting still used in cooking especially meats which are hearty dishes. Street food culture and fine dining restaurants are also fun to visit.

Every country is famous for its food and the foodies make it more famous.

If you’re visiting Germany then you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of places where these delicious dishes can be tasted. Germany’s emerging culture relishes Germany’s street food which once has faced renaissance.

Topping the list of eatable in Germany is the Bratwurst, an authentic white German sausage, usually grilled and served in a butter roll with ketchup or mustard. For a delicious twist, give currywurst a try – it’s the same sausage, but sliced with a curry sauce or powder. But the popular among them is bratwurst.

Similar and special things even involve the tasty pretzels, Schaschlikspieß (a meat and vegetable grilled skewer), and Germknödel- it is a dough with vanilla cream and a plum sauce filling).

Best Food Loving Places

Berlin is probably the best place to start which offers street food like ‘Street Food Thursday’ and restaurants like Reinstoff. Hamburg and Munich are other places which also offers street food including ‘Street Food Session’ and ‘Street Food Friday’ respectively.

A visit to the remote town of Baiersbronn, in the Black Forest, is also best. It has Restaurants like Bariess and Scwharzwaldstube, and the New York Times has described it as the world’s ‘most unexpected restaurant capitals’.

Love to Spend

If compared to the taste of food, a budget is a less worry. Visit a 3-star

Restaurant Bariess- find the finest dining and variety of menus. Another one is a 3-star Schwarzaldstube, offering food with the extreme traditional taste and a fabulous modern twist.

Food not only helps the people to live but it also makes the place where it is made alive by attracting a large number of people by its taste and aroma.