Discover New Castle


This great exhibition of New Castle is an exciting summer-long celebration which has live performances, displays of artwork and once in a lifetime experiences packed into 80 days.

The place where the exhibition takes place was an industrial powerhouse of the North but it has now been transformed into an epicentre of arts and culture.

If you are a music lover, start your day by going to the Stage Gateshed. There is a proper series of live gigs and weekend festivals which you’ll fall in love with. This exhibition also showcases films or TV dramas that were shot in the North East so you might want to relive the scenes from Brief Encounter at Newcastle Central Station or Chicken Run at Ouseburn Farm.

Just along the quayside from Sage Gateshead is an international centre for contemporary art with several special exhibitions for the Exhibitions of the North.

Experience the Northern Icons for the Exhibition

One should also pay a visit to the Northern Design Centre where you’ll hear a series of murals created for the Great Exhibition of the North. If you are feeling hungry, make full use of the exhibition’s lag free mobile app and visit the Cycle Hub café and cycle shop. It’s a good stop to have lunch or hire a bike. The Tyne Bar pub under the Glasshouse bridge will steal your attention with some striking street art murals and some good alcohol.

While cycling, you’ll come across colourful hoardings, poetries which will remind you of your childhood. Stop by the beautiful Ancient Place mural by artist Faunographic with lettering by Ciaran Globel. You’ll also come across a few striking installations like the Grey’s monument that has been made into a Worker’s Maypole. The tall column has flowers wrapped in colourful banners that are a tribute to Earl Grey, the Northumberland- born Prime Minister whose work paved the way for a better society. If you are a fashion enthusiast, visit the Intu shopping centre Eldon Square to see the Graphene dress. It is designed to show off the remarkable properties of Graphene which is considered to be stronger than steel!

If you are worried about choosing the right hotel, there is this hotel by the name of Motel One in New Castle. It is a budget design hotel with rooms which are compact but stylish in their appearance. If you want a stylish bedroom without spending too much then this is the right place for you. The hotel is not far off from the Great Exhibition as its just a ten-minute walk.

There are plenty of eating joints in and around the Exhibition, however, a place that stands apart is microbrewery that serves excellent gastropub fare.

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