Spain Foods Not To Miss

Foods to Not to Miss While travelling to Spain

No matter what your reason to visit is, but certainly, there are numerous reasons that attract hundreds of tourists to Spain each year. The colourful and popular art, renowned history, culture full of variety and of course stunning beaches to relax. But above all, the well-known dishes and special cuisines, are the main and truly the most exciting reason to at least visit Spain for once. There are a huge number of choices and they’re undeniably rich in taste.


Most of the visitors do get confused with Tortilla – which is a staple dish that is not at all similar to the Latin American food with the same name. Tortilla de patatas, here in Spain, is created out of thick potato omelette and is served by a slice. Although there are numerous variations of this and each person has their own opinion about this!


This is certainly the most ideal and iconic speciality out of the list of other Spanish foods. Being a tourist it is easier to get carried away with every other similar place you desire to experience being in Spain. But if you truly want the right Paella, then you must also put in some efforts. It originally took birth in Valencia but now there are a few other locations in different cities that provide with the real thing.


It is easier to think and imagine about olives but the fact is that unless you’ve tried them in Spain, you won’t be able to understand the reality. This easy and simple fruit is the theme and central to most of the Spanish cuisines, no matter whether in the form of a fruit or as a topping or any other way, this all-time favourite ingredient is shall always accompany you in each of your meals. You will also enjoy a bowl of olives with a glass of drink. So have the best of it!


The dish called Carrillada will easily melt in your mouth because of its juicy, rich, and soft nature and this is right now it is described. This dish includes pork cheeks or beef cheeks that are fried gently and mostly soaked in some delicious sauce. It is generally hard to go wrong with this cuisine and you can enjoy it anytime you wish to.


The slowly roasted pig is one of the popular pork dishes that fit into the list of best foodstuff in Spain. The most traditional type of this Cochinillo is found in the city of Segovia. And yes, to your surprise, it is the whole of the pig!


Undoubtedly, if you miss enjoying the fried fish in Spain, it would be considered that you’ve not actually tasted the best. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons that this seafood is so popular here, especially in the southern region of Andalusia, where it is generally deep fried and their crispy flavour will make your mouth water.